I need to move my Cloud Detection Server - tell me the steps required
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I need to move my Cloud Detection Server - tell me the steps required


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I need to move my Cloud Detection Server, and need to know what steps to take in order to do it.

If an old enrollment bundle is used at a different Enforce server than the original one to which the Detector is bound, it will fail with errors similar to those listed in TECH236383:


This technote applies to all of the following types of Cloud Detectors:

  • CDS for REST/App Detection (integrated with CASB)
  • CDS for REST/proxy traffic (integrated with WSS)
  • CDS for ICAP/proxy traffic (integrated with WSS)
  • Cloud Service for Email (integrated with O365 or Gmail)


Cloud Detection Servers are somewhat different from on-premise servers in that they "bind" to a specific Enforce server. Every Enforce server has a unique ID (visible in the Enforce Management Console when viewing the settings for Enforce).

Therefore, in order to move a Cloud Detector to a new Enforce server additional assistance is needed from Technical Support.


Open a new support case, idenfying the Cloud Service as your product, and provide the details of what is happening (or if the Enforce server experienced a hard fail, of what has already happened).

Support will collect details, and involve other Symantec engineers as needed to unbind the Detector and allow a new enrollment bundle to be generated.