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PC Transplant Fails In NS Only Environment


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Symantec Products


In an ITMS NS only environment (no package servers) with Deployment Solution installed PC Transplant tasks fail with exit code 24 in the DSTasks.log file. 

In DSTasks.log on client:

Exit Code 24


Deployment Solution 7.X and 8.X


The cause of this issue appears to be an inability for PC Transplant to write to the NScap folder on the NS.  This does not happen when a package server is in place.


Development is currently working on resolving this issue. However, there are options to work around the issue:

1.) Install a package server in the environment. 

2.)  Run PC Transplant manually on the client or create a run script task and run it from the console. For more information on running PC Transplant manually or creating a run script task please see TECH122285.