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Control Compliance Suite MySQL Data Collection Fails


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Control Compliance Suite Windows


You are trying to run a data collection job on a MySQL asset, and the job fails.
You see the following error in the Control Compliance Suite (CCS) Console, in the job messages tab.

"Assets are unavailable and unreachable"


OR if you see an error like this.

Error received from Agent: [/esm/system/rhel73serve/tmp/config/1321468694.config] Job initialization for the config file has failed.

When you look in the logs specifically the DPS.WorkerProcess*.csv on the CCS Manager, you see an error like this.

2018-10-18 19:17:48.830,2018-10-18 12:17:48.830,CCS-12-AM,Error,RMSMOSProvider,Blade.WorkerProcess,9940,Dispatcher Submit Queue:10,10,InitExecuteABQuery,,0,0,"Error in contacting agent for asset [5928eefa-b354-4061-8e48-f55fbe249ed1]:[rhel73serve:]. Exception - System.Collections.Generic.KeyNotFoundException: The given key was not present in the dictionary. at System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary`2.get_Item(TKey key) at Symantec.CCS.Business.Standards.Common.QueryParamsStoreProvider.GetStoreID(String entityFullName) at Symantec.Control.Provider.QueryPlanning.DCInfraABQueryPlanner.TryGetQueryParams(CCSAgentQueryManager manager, Instance instance, String Platform, String entity, List`1 associationIds) at Symantec.Control.Provider.QueryPlanning.DCInfraABQueryPlanner.InitExecuteABQuery(DCInfraRequest request)"


A Required QF was not applied.


See the CCS Getting Started Guide

On the bottom of page 39 for instructions on how to get the QF.

You will need to apply the Agent-less part no matter what as this updates the Application Server and the CCS Managers, and needs to be applied on all CCS Managers.

You will need to apply the Agent-based only if you are running agents and are seeing the below error message.

Error received from Agent: [/esm/system/rhel73serve/tmp/config/1321468694.config] Job initialization for the config file has failed.