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Change RADIUS attribute length in the RADIUS or Session Monitor authentication


Article ID: 172734


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Advanced Secure Gateway Software - ASG ProxySG Software - SGOS


There are situations where the default length assigned to RADIUS attributes are not sufficient. The length can be adjusted to meet the requirements of the deployment.


The following example demonstrates how to increase the length of the RADIUS attribute, User-Name, from the default 20 to the new value 64 for use with Session Monitor.

  1. Backup the existing Policy and ensure there is no reference to the User-Name RADIUS attribute.
  2. Remove User-Name from Session Monitor (skip this step if Session Monitor has never been configured before)
    • $session-monitor
    • $attributes
    • $remove User-Name
    • $exit
    • $exit
  3. Remove User-Name from RADIUS attribute.
    • $security radius attributes
    • $remove User-Name
      (Reboot the ProxySG if it is referred by session-monitor)

  4. Add User-Name with custom User-Name length.
    • $add radius-attribute 1 User-Name string 64
      (replace 64 with the actual length required)
    • $exit
  5. Add User-Name back into Session Monitor.
    • $session-monitor
    • $attributes
    • $add User-Name
  6. Restore Policy