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Packages are invalid or Not Ready on a few Package Servers


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Management Platform (Formerly known as Notification Server)


Some Package Servers are out of sync with certain packages, most likely new packages.  Most Package Servers get the updates but there are some that don't.

Query to show Packages that have a Not Ready Status:

vi.[Name] AS 'Package Server'
,pack.[Name] AS 'Package Name'
,fs.Name as [Orgination Server]
,ps.[Status] AS 'Status'
,pack.[Package Version] as [Package Version on NS]
,ps.Version as [Version Last Reported by PS]      
,ps.[PackageId] AS 'Package Guid'
 FROM SWDPackageServer ps
 JOIN ItemNSSource ns on ns.ItemGuid = ps.PackageId
 JOIN OriginNSSourceNS osns on osns.Id = ns.OriginNSSourceNSId
 JOIN ForwardServer fs on fs.Guid = osns.OriginNSGuid
 JOIN vItem vi
    ON vi.[guid] = ps.[PkgSvrId]
 JOIN SWDPackage pack
    ON pack.[PackageId] = ps.[PackageId]
   AND pack.[_Latest] = 1
WHERE ps.[Status] != 'Ready'
 ORDER BY vi.[Name], ps.[Status]

Status of Package is Not Ready





The solution we found was to restart the agent.  Maybe the server hadn't been rebooted in awhile, but restarting the agent helped the agent to update package snapshots, etc. and resolve this issue.