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Mails are delivered to the Secure Portal even though the policy is configured with [email protected]


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A Data Protection policy has been created for Policy Based Encryption Advanced. The delivery method has been chosen to use TLS when recipient mail servers support TLS. However, emails are being delivered to the Secure Portal even though there is no TLS issue.



These are the possible causes when TLS delivery is not attempted.

1.    Recipient domains are popular webmail service providers such as Gmail, Hotmail, and others.

Those domains are excluded from TLS delivery by default. All emails to the domains are delivered to the Secure Portal.


2.    PBE Advanced account has been provisioned as Whitelist mode.

In the provisioning form for PBE advanced, you may have selected to use Whitelist mode for TLS delivery.

Whitelist mode: Attempt opportunistic TLS delivery ONLY to the listed domains.

Blacklist mode: ALWAYS attempt opportunistic TLS delivery EXCEPT to the listed domains.



If you need to change the current configuration in TLS delivery, please contact Technical Support