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Do's and Dont's for editing Simple Checks


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Control Compliance Suite Exchange


User is not able to edit simple checks. These simple checks contain filter statements that are used in a check but are not visible on the UI.


Before you apply this QF, make sure that you have installed the following on your computer:

  • CCS 11.5.2


Apply the Quick Fix (QF) 10743 to resolve the issue of editing simple checks. After you apply this QF, you shall be able to copy and edit simple checks created outside the check builder wizard.
After you apply the QF it is recommended to import the standards again. If a standard already exists, rename it.

Note: This QF supports editing simple checks only. The behavior for complex, command, and script-based checks remains unchanged and is not supported in this QF

Considerations for simple check EDIT operation:

It is important to consider the following before you proceed to edit simple checks.

  • Do not use edit operation to create a new check based on a prior existing check.
  • You can change an expression operator and expression value.
  • You can add a new expression.
  • If you change an existing expression filter statement, it may change the data collection scope.
  • If you change logical grouping of expression filter statements, it may change the data collection scope.
  • If a selected check contains chainedfilters, or procedureparameter, or both in data-collection filter, then the check cannot be modified using the check editor.
  • If there is any discrepancy found between data-collection filter and selector, the check cannot be modified and the EDIT operation is rolled back.

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