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Website still blocked after URL added to allow list in Web Security Service


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Cloud Secure Web Gateway - Cloud SWG


After adding a particular URL to the allow list in the Web Security Service (WSS) portal, the page is still blocked.


If you're receiving a block page that shows the web page is blocked for a particular category, the URL entered into the allow list is likely not sufficient, since it doesn't include the entire domain.

For example, you add to your allow list, but when you try to visit, you're given a block page with the category 'Remote Access Tools.' This would happen if you've added the category 'Remote Access Tools' to your block list. redirects to, so the allow rule for would not apply anymore.


To allow the entire domain instead of just the specific URL, you would need to enter in the block list instead of This way, the parent domain is allowed, which automatically allows any child domains or URLs such as