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Inventory Plug-in is corrupt, will not upgrade or install


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Software Management Solution


Corruption of the Inventory Plug-in.


With a problematic install of the Inventory Plug-in like this use the following steps to resolve:
  1. In the Console, go to settings > Agents and Plugins > All agents and plug-ins > Discovery and Inventory > Windows/UNIX/Linux/Mac > Inventory Plug-in Uninstall.
  2. Right-click on it and choose Clone. Provide a name and click OK.
  3. Delete the current applied to target. If the problem is on a majority of systems leave the exiting target.
  4. Click apply to and add a target that includes the systems experiencing the problem, if the target was deleted.
  5. Enable the policy and click Save changes. Do not change the Schedule as we only want it set to Once ASAP.
  6. Make sure the Inventory Plug-in Install policy is enabled and has a repeating schedule set to it. This will ensure systems that run the uninstall policy will run the install later.
  7. This process can be left so that every system in the target applied the uninstall policy to will go through the uninstall and then the install once. This is why we left the Once ASAP set on the uninstall so it would only ever run once.
To validate the process first, target a single system with the problem to ensure it resolves the issue.