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CLI restore script fails with special characters


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Advanced Threat Protection Platform


When using special characters in the FTP server account password with the restore command in the command line interface (CLI) of Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) Platform, the restore command fails to complete and produces an error

When specifying a password for the restore command with a parameter, such as --password=rWhD0!Cw^XWUnx#iZ&l0, output contains an error similar to the following:

-rbash: !Cw^XWUnx#iZ&l0: event not found


ATP Platform operating as a Management Server or AllInOne


Using special characters within the password for the restore command requires enclosing the password in single quotes. For example, --password='rWhD0!Cw^XWUnx#iZ&l0'


Place a single quote character immediately before the beginning of the password and place a single quote character immediately after the end of the password to ensure that ATP restore command relays the password to the remote ATP server.