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Software Portal does not show any published software for some users


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Software Management Solution


For some users, no software is shown in the software portal when they log onto it. There are no errors in the server logs to indicate a problem.


This is caused by one of the published software belonging to two resource types.


To resolve this issue, follow these steps:
Use the below SQL for the steps:

select name, guid, count (Guid)
from vRM_Software_Component_Item
group by Name, Guid
having count (Guid) > 1

  1. Run the above SQL using SQL Enterprise Manager or similar tool. If there are results, continue with the steps. If there are no results, the cause of the issue is not the one documented here.
  2. For each guid from the results of the query, run the following query to clear the base resource type.

delete from RM_ResourceSoftware_Component
where guid = 'insert_guid_here'

Once this is done, the Portal should work properly. Make sure to have the affected user close down the portal so it does not use the local cache before trying again.

As a more general fix, you can update the function used to fetch the resources, so it only returns one. This update will be undone if a configuration is run against Software Management Solution, or an upgrade/update occurs.

alter function [dbo].[fnSwpDisplayIconUrl] (@softwareGuid as uniqueidentifier, @publishingType as varchar(20))

    returns nvarchar(1024)



        if (@publishingType = 'SoftwareComponent')

            return (select top 1 DisplayIconUrl from vSoftwareComponentIcon where SoftwareComponentGuid = @softwareGuid order by 1 desc)

        return dbo.fnSwmMdpDisplayIconUrl(@softwareGuid)