Change the path of Endpoint Block recovery location
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Change the path of Endpoint Block recovery location


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Data Loss Prevention Endpoint Prevent


When Endpoint Block action is triggered, the pop up includes instructions on the file being saved at the "c:\users\username\My Recovered Files" location. The location specified is not an intended location and it needs to be changed. This is specific to Symantec Data Loss Prevention, Endpoint Prevent when a Policy is using Endpoint Block as a response rule. 


This folder path shown in the Endpoint Block pop-up is defined under the System > Agent > Agent Configuration > "Configuration Name" > Agent Configuration tab and under the File Recovery Area Location section. 

You use the File Recovery Area Location section to specify file recovery parameters. File recovery location is where copies of the sensitive data that the DLP Agent blocked from transfer are stored. These copies are kept until recovered by the user, or automatically deleted after a period of time.
Files recovered from cloud sync application incidents are not removed from the endpoint.