Access Denied from OCS through Web Isolation
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Access Denied from OCS through Web Isolation


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Web Isolation


A site that is allowed in Web Isolation (WI) is denied by the Online Content Server (OCS)


Web Isolation cloud deployment


Akamai blocks some AWS source IPs and denies these requests.  Either one of the symptoms are observed

  1. Main page  -- a block page
  2. Sub-resource -- missing a banner or page is loaded corrupt/partial
  3. Access Denied -- You don't have permission to access "" on this server



Affects only cloud environments.

A bypass rule won't work , PAC level bypass is required for immediate mitigation.

For Permanent fix, the website needs to be submitted to Engineering/Dev Team to be added to take alternate route which prevents AWS ip blockage when browsing to websites with Akamai bot detectors.