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Encryption Desktop encrypts messages with the Triple DES cipher even though it is not the preferred cipher


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Desktop Email Encryption


When encrypting an email message with Symantec Encryption Desktop, the message is encrypted with the Triple DES cipher, even though the encryption key's preferred cipher is, for example, AES-256.

The recipient of the encrypted message will see this in the Encryption Desktop log:

Decrypting TripleDES-encrypted message

The recipient of the encrypted message should see this in the Encryption Desktop log if AES-256 encryption is used:

Decrypting AES256-encrypted message


Encryption Desktop 10.4.0 to 10.4.2


The preferred cipher is ignored. Triple DES is the only supported cipher that is always enabled.


Upgrade to Encryption Desktop 10.4.2 MP1 or above. This release respects the preferred cipher.

Note that this issue only affects Encryption Desktop, not Encryption Management Server.