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ITMS 8.5 POST-GA Cumulative Fixes


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IT Management Suite Deployment Solution Monitor Solution Altiris Network Discovery


These are the Post-GA fixes available for ITMS 8.5 Release (until 8.5 RU1 or later is installed).


ITMS 8.5 (GA)


These are the fixes contained:

SMP (Symantec Management Platform) and SMA (Symantec Management Agent) Fixes:

Slowness under spGetCandidateEventsByQueue after upgrading to SMP 8.5 N/A
Schedule with ''repetition'' interval created on SMP running on 2016 OS will be triggered once right after creation N/A
Unable to start stand-alone replication via mouse right click menu from SMP Console because of error N/A
Postpone of Bell in SMP Console doesn't work and Bell stays forever in UI of SMP Console N/A
Managed Delivery Policies causing Notification Server to be busy, queue full 172770
Patch reports content is shifted N/A
Packages stopped getting downloaded on package server after error "Cannot set bit range, DynamicBitset is not created" 173040
Client Task Agent is getting internal task servers in CEM mode if persistent connection is used N/A
NS Agent is getting internal Site servers and PS codebases in CEM mode if persistent connection is used N/A
Unable to add computer to organizational group as non-admin N/A
SMA agent changes needed to address merging issues. N/A

See attached ""
Also look at the ReadMe.pdf inside the mentioned attachment for specific instructions on how to apply these fixes.

Also, we have added “support of Windows 2019 Server” for the Symantec Management Agent. Symantec Management Agent can be installed on this version of Windows Server. Support in other plugins will be added later.


TASK (Task Management) Fixes:

Task server used in automation is not being provided to client in production via persistent connection call N/A

See attached ""


Monitor (Monitor Solution) Fixes:

Impossible to set via mouse cursor exact time/date range of metric timestamps in Historical Performance Viewer N/A
Impossible to create new rule - impossible to choose metric N/A
Impossible to edit metrics of type: Command, Compound N/A

See attached ""


ND (Network Discovery Solution) Fixes:

Network Discovery BwNetScope_x64.dll crashes the Atrshost service N/A
Network Discovery is not discovering devices that are active and accessible on the network N/A
Hovering over the root device will show different linked count each time when go back to use a particular root device N/A
Network discovery detects incorrect MAC and causes resource merging N/A

See attached"


Powerscheme (Powerscheme Solution) Fixes:

PowerScheme plugin upgraded before SMA agent upgrade causing Powerscheme plugin to crash N/A

See attached ""


Enhanced Console Views (ECV) Fixes:

Only one file of matching Name and Version is shown in the file picker for adding files to Meter on a Product 173503

See attached ""
See ReadMe document included in the attached file for installation instructions.


PATCH (Patch Management Solution) Fixes:

Patch packages go into a not ready state after the "Download Software Update Package" task runs.
Causing agents to go back to the NS to download because it was not available
Unable to create new folders under patch management > software update policies > windows N/A
Replication delivers some unchanged Patch policies/updates N/A

See attached ""
See ReadMe document included in the attached file for installation instructions.


DS (Deployment Solution) Fixes:
Click here to read Instructions on how to install pointfix

iPXE doesn't read NBS general settings 172414
PFX file isn't created after running 'Extract SSL certificate (x64)-Install' or 'Extract SSL certificate (x86)-Install' policy on site servers  173062
Predefined computers show up in the predefined list after the computer is in a managed state N/A
Token Replacement in Unattend File during build sometimes are blank 173502
Agent Scheduled Push to Computers creates duplicate records of Deployment Solution Predefined computer records  

See attached "" (Install on Notification Server and any Network Boot Servers in your environment)




  1.          Extract files from the archive to the SMP hard drive. Make sure that point fix is not extracted to Altiris install directory (or any subfolder to it). Run PFInstaller.exe as administrator.
  2.          Execute PFInstaller2.exe with administrative privileges (right-click > Run as administrator). Select "Install Files".
  3.          Accept UAC (User Account Control) prompt, select Install Files. Old binaries will be automatically backed up to the Backup folder at the same location where PFInstaller is and replaced with the new ones. Log-file log.txt will be created at the same location where PFInstaller is.
  4.          Close the PFInstaller window.
  5.          Restart SMP Console (browser) manually.



  1.          During PF installation – Backup folder was created -where installer will copy all original files. (BackUp folder will be located in PF root)
  2.          Execute PFInstaller2.exe with administrative privileges (right-click > Run as administrator). Old binaries will be repaired from Backup folder located at the same location where PFinstaller is. NS services should be started automatically.
  3.          Accept UAC (User Account Control) prompt, select “Uninstall Files”. During uninstall:
  • a.         Installer will stop services
  • b.         installer will copy backed up files to original directories – (e.g  Agent installation package will be copied in Altiris folder)
  • c.         Start services
  • d.          Update/revert registry (e.g agent version will be set to pre-PF one)

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