List of compressed files that are scanned by Web Security Service
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List of compressed files that are scanned by Web Security Service


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A listing of compressed files scanned by Web Security Service (WSS)


Web Security Services


Web Security Service scans the following file types with advanced policy:

  • Q?—files compressed by the SQ program.
  • 7z—7-Zip compressed file.
  • ace—ACE compressed file
  • ALZ—Alzip compressed file
  • AT3—Sony's UMD Data compression
  • bke— Data compression 
  • ARC
  • ARJ—ARJ compressed file
  • BA—Scifer Archive (.ba), Scifer External Archive Type
  • big—Special file compression format used by Electronic Arts for compressing the data for many of EA's games
  • BIK, bi—Bink Video file. A video compression system developed by RAD Game Tools
  • BKF, bkf—Microsoft backup created by NTBACKUP.EXE
  • bzip2, bz2"
  • bmp—Paint
  • c4—JEDMICS image files, a DOD system
  • cab—Microsoft Cabinet
  • cals—JEDMICS image files, a DOD system
  • cpt, sea—Compact Pro (Macintosh)
  • DAA—Closed-format, Windows-only compressed disk image
  • deb—Debian Linux install package
  • DMG—An Apple compressed/encrypted format
  • EEA—An encrypted CAB, ostensibly for protecting e-mail attachments
  • egg—Alzip Egg Edition compressed file
  • EGT—(.egt) EGT Universal Document also used to create compressed cabinet files replaces .ecab
  • ECAB—(.ECAB, .ezip) EGT Compressed Folder used in advanced systems to compress entire system folders, replaced by EGT Universal Document
  • ESS—(.ess) EGT SmartSense File, detects files compressed using the EGT compression system.
  • GHO—(.gho, .ghs); Norton Ghost
  • gzip—(.gz); Compressed file
  • IPG—(.ipg) Format in which Apple Inc. packages their iPod games. can be extracted through Winrar
  • jar—ZIP file with manifest for use with Java applications.
  • LBR—Library file
  • LQR—LBR Library file compressed by the SQ program.
  • LHA—Lempel, Ziv, Huffman
  • Lza—Lempel, Ziv, Huffman
  • lzo
  • lzma
  • lzx
  • MPQ—Used by Blizzard games
  • bin—MacBinary
  • PAK—Enhanced type of .ARC archive
  • par—par archives
  • par2—par archives
  • pk3—Quake 3 archive (.pk3) (See note on Doom³)
  • pk4—Doom³ archive (.pk4) (Opens similarly to a zip archive.)
  • RAR—Rar Archive (.rar), for multiple file archive (rar to .r01-.r99 to s01 and so on)
  • SEN—Scifer Archive (.sen), Scifer Internal Archive Type
  • sit—StuffIt (Macintosh)
  • sitx—StuffIt (Macintosh)
  • tgz—gzipped tar file
  • tar
  • tar.gz—gzipped tar file
  • gz—gzipped tar file
  • TB—Tabbery Virtual Desktop Tab file
  • TIB—Acronis True Image backup
  • uha—Ultra High Archive Compression
  • VIV—Archive format used to compress data for several video games, including Need For Speed: High Stakes.
  • VOL—Unknown archive
  • VSA—Altiris Virtual Software Archive
  • Z—Unix compress file
  • zoo
  • zip