Scripted Dagent Install Instructions
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Scripted Dagent Install Instructions


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Ghost Solution Suite


How do I perform a scripted install of Dagent on a client machine and get the settings that are needed?


Ghost Solution Suite 3.x


Workaround 1

Note: Workaround #1 and #2 requires that the client communicates with the server so that it will receive updated client settings.

To perform a scripted installation of the Dagent run the following command from a command prompt.

DAgent.msi /qn server_tcp_addr=DSServerIP server_tcp_port=402

DAgent_x64.msi /qn server_tcp_addr=DSServerIP server_tcp_port=402

The two files listed above are located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Altiris\eXpress\Deployment Server\Agents\Aclient\

The command line above will install Dagent and direct it to the Ghost Solution Suite server.  There are no other command line arguments available to set any other Dagent settings using this method.  However, you can utilize another feature of Ghost Solution Suite and force new agents to take a set of default settings.  This only applies to the first time a Dagent communicates with its Ghost Solution Suite.

To start utilizing this feature from the Ghost Solution Suite Console click on Tools and then Options.  Then click on the Agent Settings tab.

Check the box for 'Force new agents to take these default settings'

Then click on change Default Settings

This will pop a new box with several tabs on it.  Each tab applies to different settings for the Dagent.  If you want logging enabled click on the Log File tab.  If you'd like to password protect your Admin properties for your Dagent or hide the systray icon all together click on the Security tab.

Once you've got the settings the way you'd like them, click on OK.  Once back at the Program Options box click on Apply and then OK.  All new Dagents that communicate with the Ghost Solution Suite for the first time will be forced to take on these settings.

If additional settings are needed for the DAgent please use the following workarounds:

Workaround 2

If more specific settings are needed for the DAgent modify the sample aclient.inp file in the eXpress share, copy it to the DAgent directory on the workstation and reset the DAgent service.  The settings will be added to the registry.  For example, use the aclient.inp to setup logging and so on.

Workaround 3


If additional settings are needed for the DAgent immediately upon install then follow this workaround. Modify the sample aclient.inp file in the eXpress share with the desired agent settings. Make a folder on the client c:\program files\altiris\DAgent and copy the aclient.inp to this DAgent directory on the workstation before agent install and when the agent is installed it will read this file and take these settings when it is executed the first time.