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Domain's Email Data Protection policy is invoked by other domain mails that has no policy defined.


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Email Email


Parent domain (example and child domain (example. are registered to the service.




Create Email Data Protection (DP) policy

  1. Create Policy 1 as a Global or Custom to
  2. Set Custom but no policy created to
  3. Started email processing by DP then Policy 1 is detected by mails of
    1. No emails of expected to detect any DP policy but Policy 1 is detected.

Add a DP policy to child domain and activate it. Any kind of dummy policy will work if you do not have a specific policy to process. For example, a policy with setting [Action: Log Only] does not harm email delivery.

Symantec is aware of this problem and will update this document once a solution is provided. You do not need to create a support case for this problem.

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