Configuring Notifications for Data Protection Policies
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Configuring Notifications for Data Protection Policies


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How to configure Data Protection policies in order to send email notifications to the admin users.


Users can configure who receives a notification when a Data Protection rule is triggered as well as what message they receive in the notification email.
To configure notifications on a Data Protection policy:

1. Go to the "Services" tab and select "Data Protection". Then Select the rule that you want to configure notifications for.

2. At the bottom of the main policy settings (before reaching the rules) there is a Notification option, select "Edit" and options will come up to notify administrator, senders, or recipients.

3. To customize who receives notifications and what the message says, select "Use custom notification" at the top of the page. Then select which users to send the notfications to using the check boxes next to each.

Please note that if no administrator is selected for the data protection policy it will notify the default administrator for all data protection policies by default.