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This task run has less child instances that it should: might be partially purged


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Management Platform (Formerly known as Notification Server)


When trying to see which machines have run a task I get:

" task run has less child instances that it should: might be partially purged"

The customer asked about this message because he said that he has set up “Clean Up Task Data” to keep 200,000 instances and he was expecting to see which machines have run the task, especially if the task was run a day ago. 


ITMS 8.0 and later


Using the screenshot above as an example, as you can see the customer has 16,232 clients, so 200,000 threshold will be exceeded after any 13 tasks (or Managed Software Delivery/Quick Delivery policies) executed on all client in an environment. After that clean-up job will run and delete all “old” instances (even if such instances were created on the same day)  to keep the TaskInstances table close to 200K records. Clean-up on demand might run as often as every 30 minutes.

We have a setting “Minimum time period to keep the task instances/summaries” which might tell clean-up job not to remove task-instances even if the threshold was exceeded. That should help in avoiding cleanup too soon those task instances if you don't want to increase the default value of 200,000.