CASB Gsuite Securlet Activation Getting error 500
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CASB Gsuite Securlet Activation Getting error 500


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Error 500 when trying to activate the GSuite Securlet


CASB, Gsuite Securlet 


G Suite Securlet prerequisites were not verified and Google user did not hold Super Admin system role for G Suite account or Email of user that was activating Securlet was created out of CASB secondary domain not the CASB primary domain. 



Review G Suite Securlet prerequisites and make sure you followed all steps.

Be sure to create a new user in the primary domain (if you used email with secondary domain) and assigned it as a global admin. If the user is an admin but has not been given access to the Elastica app then it will give this error, so make sure the admin user has been given full rights. Also, make sure the same user existed in CloudSOC with a sysadmin role.

Note: Both CASB tenant and Google tenant have a primary and secondary domain in it's configuration. If by any chance they are switched as below: 

CASB primary domain:
CASB secondary domain:

Google primary domain:
Google secondary domain:

please use email activation make out of Google primary domain. In this example please log in with user email: [email protected]