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Exported 14.2 Mac client packages installed with group policies are not seen until after the initial connection to Endpoint Protection Manager.


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Endpoint Protection


14.2 Mac client packages exported from the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager (SEPM) which include policy and group assignment information will not apply the policy or location information until that client connects to the SEPM.

DEBUG smc.SMC [2018-Sep-05 11:47:00.237840] [DEBUG] Trying to apply local Profile
DEBUG smc.ProfileManager [2018-Sep-05 11:47:00.266674] [DEBUG] Checking recovery key due to: XMLRootNodeMismatchException
WARN util.xml [2018-Sep-05 11:47:00.270210] [WARN ] Unable to parse XML stream.
ERROR smc.ProfileManager [2018-Sep-05 11:47:00.270321] [ERROR] Load and validate local profile failed with error: XMLCannotCreateDocException
ERROR smc.SMC [2018-Sep-05 11:47:00.270409] [ERROR] ProfileManager apply local profile failed.


macOS 14.2


The Serdef.dat file is copied to the wrong path during installation of the Mac client which results in a failure to apply the profile.