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Internet Explorer Returns Blank Page on Authentication Redirect


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Advanced Secure Gateway Software - ASG ProxySG Software - SGOS


When Internet Explorer is challenged for authentication via Origin IP Redirect in transparent mode, it stalls on a blank page with the redirect URL in the address bar.

The browser stops responding with the redirect URL in the address bar.  If you press enter, it will redirect to the page, and if refreshed again, the page will load.  Developer tools in the browser shows the redirect to the authentication URL with a status of Aborted.


Windows 7 Internet Explorer 11


The following Microsoft patch came out in early August 2018:

This line is the specific match:
In Internet Explorer 11, a blank page may appear for some redirects. Additionally, if you open a site that uses Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) or Single sign-on (SSO), the site may be unresponsive.


Update to the latest Microsoft patch: