Update Unified Agent to latest version without restarting
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Update Unified Agent to latest version without restarting


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Cloud Secure Web Gateway - Cloud SWG


Updating Unified Agent (UA) to the latest version without restarting the computer.


Web Security Service


To update without restarting you'll need to suppress the restart prompt which appears at the end of the installation process.

Run a Command Prompt with administrative privileges and follow this instructions:

  1. The command used to install the UA silently is: msiexec /i "UnifiedAgentInstaller64-4.10.X.XXXXXX.msi" /quiet /qn /passive /norestart (where X denotes the new version number)
  2. After the installation use the following command to start the service: sc start bcua-service
  3. You can have a confirmation by running the sc query bcua-service command and searching for the UA service in the Task Manager.


The old version will stay working in memory until the next reboot. This just suppresses the reboot prompt, however the reboot is still necessary to complete the process.