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Entities and Platforms pull-down menus are blank when trying to create new queries via the Control Compliance Suite Standards Manager Console


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Control Compliance Suite Windows


Entities and Platforms pull-down menus are blank when trying to create new queries via the CCSSM (Control Compliance Suite Standards Manager) Console

Blank pull down menus for Entities and Platforms when trying to create new queries via the CCS Console


SymConsole Logs state that-[DBGRHEL] not found for Platform Details/Entity Selection
Here [DBGRHEL] is the name of a Custom Platform created by the User
This Custom Platform name could be different depending upon the customization done
Some users create Custom Platforms for Testing Purpose and later delete it via the console but at times it has an Orphan Entry left in CCS Adam which needs to be removed manually




  1. Take a Backup of the CCS ADAM Database. See Backing up the CCS ADAM and SQL databases
  2. Connect to CCS ADAM Database using ADSIEdit-
  3. Connect to the ADAM Instance via ADSIEdit by performing the following tasks on the Directory Server/CCS Application Server:
    1. Launch ADSIEdit.msc and under the Action tab click on Connect To
    2. Under the Connection Point use Select or type a Distinguished Name or Naming Context and type the following O=Symantec
    3. Under Computer use Select or type a domain or server: (Server | Domain [:port) and type the name of the machine(FQDN, Netbios, or localhost) and then the port such as localhost:3890
    4. Click ok
  4. Once the Symantec ADAM Instance is connected first Under O=Symantec create a new object->>Container named "Temp"
  5. Navigate through tree through O=Symantec > OU = Infrastructure > CN=Config > CN=Global >CN=PlatformSettingsUI
  6. Check for a custom platform created by the name-[DBGRHEL].
  7. Right Click on name-[DBGRHEL] and Move it to the "Temp" Folder created earlier
  8. Restart all the CCS Services
  9. Launch the CCS Console
  10. Try to create a new query via the Queries section within the CCS Console

You should now be able to see the Platform and Entity settings under the Create Query Wizard.