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15.x Migrator fails with 'Failed to find at least two version of Symantec DLP installed'


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While upgrading from 14.x or 15.0.x to 15.1 or later. The migration fails to complete stating it could not find at least two versions of DLP installed.

Exception: Failed to find at least two versions of Symantec DLP installed.


  1. Open regedit.exe
  2. Locate HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\ej-technologies\install4j\installations
  3. Locate the following entry: allinstdirs066-0815-9407-7025
  4. Verify the value is properly set to the installation directory of the previous version of DLP
  5. If the entry does not exist create a new key of type 'string value' and with Name of allinstdirs0666-0815-9407-7025 and value of your previous DLP installation directory e.g. D:\SymantecDLP
  6. Re-run the migrator
  7. If migrator still fails: add an additional regkey instdir0666-0815-9407-7025 with the same value as used above (Installation directory e.g. D:\SymantecDLP).

Your regsitry should reflect the above values, such as in the example below: