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'Ignore Proxy Settings' in the Web Security Service portal isn't working as expected


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Web Security Service - WSS


Not able to access the Internet outside of the company network even when the 'Ignore Proxy Settings' on the Web Security Service (WSS) portal is enabled.


  • 'Ignore Proxy Settings' does not make the user traffic ignore the proxy settings that are configured on the browsers.
  • This is only for the WSSA client to establish a VPN tunnel directly (bypassing the proxy settings).
  • This setting forces the WSSA client to connect directly to the WSS service...even when a proxy is configured in the system.
  • Any other proxy-aware software (like browsers) continue to use the proxy as configured.


Ignore Proxy Settings (in the WSS Portal) only makes these two WSSA client processes ignore the proxy settings (and communicate directly with the WSS service): 

1. CTC (to determine what data-center to connect to)

2. Establish the WSSA VPN tunnel