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After upgrading to ATP 3.1, you see that a software update is available, even while there is a notification that data migration is still in progress.


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Advanced Threat Protection Platform


Upon upgrading to ATP 3.1, you may see a software update notification state that there is an upgrade available.. You will also see an alert that a data migration is in progress.


As part the ATP 3.1 update, Symantec is upgrading the Elasticsearch database. Depending on the amount of data that you have, the update may take several hours or even days. During the data migration, ATP Manager displays a System needs Attention alert in the System Health monitor. If you hover over this alert, you see the following message: Data migration is in progress...


While ATP is updating, you may see a notification in ATP Manager that another update is available. Do not perform the next update until the data migration is complete, and the System Health is green.