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TLS 1.0 Disabled on Workflow/Servicedesk Server causes IMAP Components to Not Connect


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After recently implementing improved security for mail servers, which involved disabling security Protocol TLS 1.0 and enabling TLS 1.2 on the mail server, the IMAP components that connect the Workflow process to the mail server were failing.  This ended up affecting Servicedesk as well as the SD.EmailMonitor application uses both the IMAP and POP3 components for capturing email-based information  Quiksoft.EasyMail.SSL.SSLConnectionException: Error connecting to server. SERVERNAME ---> Quiksoft.EasyMail.SSL.SSLConnectionException: Error performing Handshake. Conn ---> Quiksoft.EasyMail.SSL.ᜀ: Unable to process the server input.590610 / -1 
at Quiksoft.EasyMail.SSL.Internal.ᜐ.ᜏ(Exception A_0) 
at Quiksoft.EasyMail.SSL.Internal.ᜐ.ᜀ(ᜂ A_0, Byte[] A_1) 
at Quiksoft.EasyMail.SSL.Internal.ᜐ.ᜡ(EndPoint A_0) 
--- End of inner exception stack trace --- 
at Quiksoft.EasyMail.SSL.Internal.ᜐ.ᜡ(EndPoint A_0) 
at Quiksoft.EasyMail.SSL.Internal.ᜐ.ᜠ(String A_0, Int32 A_1) 
--- End of inner exception stack trace --- 
at Quiksoft.EasyMail.SSL.Internal.ᜐ.ᜠ(String A_0, Int32 A_1) 
at Quiksoft.EasyMail.SSL.Internal.ᜐ.ᜆ(String A_0, Int32 A_1, Int32 A_2) 
at Quiksoft.EasyMail.IMAP4.IMAP4.Connect(String Server, Int32 Port) 
at Quiksoft.EasyMail.IMAP4.IMAP4.Connect(String Server, Int32 Port, Object SSLInterface) 
at LogicBase.Components.IMAP4.IMAP4GetComponent.DoRun(String user, String pwd, String server, Int32 port, String folder, Boolean useSSL, IData data) 
at LogicBase.Components.IMAP4.AbstractIMAP4Component.Run(IData data) 
at LogicBase.Core.ExecutionEngine.MultiPathProcessComponentExecutionDelegate.Execute(IData data, IOrchestrationComponent comp, String& outputPath, IExecutionEngine engine, TLExecutionContext context) 
at LogicBase.Core.ExecutionEngine.AbstractExecutionEngine.RunComponent(TLExecutionContext context, IData data, IOrchestrationComponent comp)


Defect in the Quiksoft Mail Component library.


Servicedesk and Workflow 8.x 


A revised set of components using a library that supports TLS 1.2 has been produced.  This is found in a 8.1 pointfix and the upcoming 8.5 release.

For the 8.1 pointfix build, please see: