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Change the Software Update Package Location and Move Existing Downloaded Packages to New Location


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Patch Management Solution for Windows


You want to change the Software Update package location where software update packages are initially downloaded to. 


IT Management Solution 8.0 to 8.1 RU7


First, Delete unused Software Update Packages and cleanup disk space


Open Symantec Management Console and go to Settings|Software|Patch Management|Core Services



Modify the "To Location", highlighted in yellow, to your desired location and click on the "Save Changes" button.

Note that the Application Identity will need Full Control rights to the folder location.

Next, in the Symantec Management Console go to Manage|Jobs and Tasks|System Jobs and Tasks|Software|Patch Management|Check Software Update Package Integrity.

Check Software Update Package Integrity checks that Software Update packages in Software Update policies have the correct global server settings applied. If package settings have changed (for example, the download location for packages has changed), the task will check to ensure all Software Update packages have the correct new settings and values. Please note that if you choose to relocate the downloaded packages this task could take a long time to complete if you have a large number of packages.

To move the existing downloaded packages (optional), click the check box called, "Relocate the downloaded packages if Software Update package location on Core Services page has changed (highlighted in orange) and click on "Save Changes".



Next you need to create and run the task. 



To do this right-click "Check Software Update Package Integrity" in the left panel (highlighted in yellow above) and choose "Schedule" (highlighted in orange above". The following dialog box will appear.



Click on Now (highlighted in yellow) and then click "Schedule" button (highlighted in orange above). You will now see the following:



Notice that there is now a task running (highlighted in yellow above).

The process will now begin to move the documents from the original location to the new location you just specified.  This process will take some time depending on the number of files to be moved and network speed.