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Report Generation job is completed with 'Database logon failed' error for Control Compliance Suite


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Control Compliance Suite Control Compliance Suite Standards Server


When you run the Report Generation job, the job is completed with error messages similar to the following:

  • This user isn't allowed to sign in to this computer.
  • Error generating final processed report. Database logon failed.

In this scenario, you cannot view predefined or customized reports by using Crystal Reports, even though the Report Generation job is completed.
All other features of Control Compliance Suite work with TLS 1.2.


Report Generation job is completed with 'Database logon failed' error for CCS


The error occurs because after you enable TLS 1.2, Crystal Reports cannot communicate with the database server. To reestablish this communication, see the Solution section in this article.



You may observe this issue in the following Control Compliance Suite deployment scenario:

  • Control Compliance Suite Manager in reporting role is installed on one computer, and CCS Production Database and CCS Reporting Database are installed on another computer. (For supported versions of database servers, see Software Requirements.)
  • TLS 1.2 cryptographic protocol is enabled on both the computers. (See TLS 1.2 support for Microsoft SQL Server)



This issue was resolved in CCS 12.5

Ensure that the latest MSSQL Client drivers are installed on the CCS Manager in the Reporting Service role and selected in the "Settings -> Application Settings -> CCS Manager for Reporting Synchronization"

If using a custom template, you may need to recreate it from one of the predefined report templates.


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