Collect and send logs Endpoint Protection Mobile
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Collect and send logs Endpoint Protection Mobile


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Endpoint Protection Mobile


You want to generate and send logs from your Symantec Endpoint Protection Mobile (SEP Mobile) application.

Click here if you have access to the device

Click here if you don't have access to the device


  • Android
  • iPhone


If you have access to the device 

  1. Open SEP Mobile
  2. Click on menu on the left hand side, on the upper corner of the screen for Android, if you have an iPhone this will be on the right side bottom corner where it says settings. It will look like three consecutive lines in both Android and iPhone.
  3. Click on Support.
  4. Click on Send logs, type support case number.


Step-by-step instructions with screen shots for ANDROID 

1. Open App, click on the settings menu as it is indicated

2. Inside the settings menu, select "Support"

3. Inside Support, select "Send Logs"

4. In this screen, just input the case number and tap send. If you do not have the case number, request from support.

Note - in the Android app it is also possible to email the Mobile app log prior to the activation process being completed:

1. Tap the burger menu button and go to Support:

2. Tap on Send Logs:

3. An OS prompt showing available apps to use to send the logs will appear:

Step-by-step with screen shots for iPhone:

1. Open App and click on Settings menu:


2. Inside the settings menu click on "Support"

3. Click on Send logs

4. In this screen enter the case number;( if you don't know it, please ask support).

If you don't have access to the device 

  1. Login to the SEP Mobile environment
  2. Click on Users & Devices 
  3. Either search for the user name in the top right or find the device in the list and select it 
  4. Click on the gear/cog above the right-side panel device pane, and choose "request logs upload."