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Password type application property values do not work properly with special characters


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Workflow Solution ServiceDesk


1. When a password value in application properties contains tilde (~), any application property from any profile cannot be used because they get the value of 'Unable to access Ensemble to get the Application Property Profile Values' instead of what the value is supposed to be.

2. With special characters - for example swung dash () or cyrillic: абвгде - the password value appears to be accepted in the Portal but gets encrypted and saved into database incorrectly. When trying to retrieve such values, incorrect value is returned.

1. Unable to access Ensemble to get the Application Property Profile Values

2. No error message.


Product defect.


This issue is fixed in Workflow 8.5 RU1 and ServiceDesk 8.5 RU1.

The only workaround is to avoid using too special characters in passwords. At this point Basic Latin block of Unicode characters except for tilde works properly.