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Missing Ghost Solution Suite Dagent inventory after installing Bomgar Jump Client (certain jobs not running)


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Ghost Solution Suite


The Dagent no longer sends a complete full inventory after the Bomgar Jump Client is upgraded.  This in turn prevents certain jobs from running from the console.  Those jobs are jobs that require an existing hard drive or certain software to be installed on the client machines.


This issue is caused by the installation of the Bomgar Jump Client update 18.2.1

It is reported in the Dagent log file as the following:

App2-Display-Name=Bomgar Jump Client 18.2.1
App2-Key-Name=Bomgar Jump Client [(FQDN)-5A282D25] *64


Reported in Ghost Solution Suite 3.2 RU7 but it is possible that it could be seen in older versions

Bomgar Jump Client 18.2.1


This issue has been resolved with the release of Ghost Solution Suite 3.3.  Please confirm that your license file will support this release of the product and then download it from  The Dagent will need to be upgraded on the client side to resolve this issue so please make sure that it has upgraded to build 6.9.5066 and that a full inventory has been sent before contacting Symantec for help.  Thank you.