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Uploading Files from Web Isolation to a Symantec Support Case


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Web Isolation


You want to upload files directly from the WI CLI to an opened support case.


You can use below method for uploading evidence to an active support which require Internet access to Broadcom servers.

Login to the CLI of the gateway having the issue and issue the following commands:
sftp [email protected]

Login to Wolken 

Click on Case# > Attachments > Upload/View Files > files_from_customer
Copy the path from browser URL "2548549/31789171/files_from_customer/"
Paste it on server

sftp> cd 2548549/31789171/files_from_customer/
sftp> put location/filenameyouwanttoupload.gz
2548549 = Wolken -> Edit Asset -> Unit Location ()
31789171 = Wolken case number
You should see 100% file upload on gateway and when refresh Wolken Case, you should see file uploaded to location mentioned "2548549/31789171/files_from_customer/"