Separate content actions on an email to multiple users
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Separate content actions on an email to multiple users


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Messaging Gateway


  • There are multiple recipents in one email
  • End users expect Symantec Messaging Gateway to split actions of one email based on each recipient's domain.
Example: 10 recipents, user wants half to route normally, half to run through content encryption


Symantec Messaging Gateway (SMG) is engineered to take one set of actions on one email. The action taken is based on precidence in the Content Filter rules list and the harshest action. For more information on basic content action, see About multiple content filtering policies.

Workarounds may include:

  • Educating end users in the domain that multiple emails may need to be sent to achieve the desired effect
  • Using rules/routing inside the mail server

Symantec Enterprise Support cannot write rules for customers, but is available to offer guidance.