Exporting More than 10,000 Activity Logs to a CSV File
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Exporting More than 10,000 Activity Logs to a CSV File


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You wish to export more than the default maximum of 10,000 log entries to a CSV file.


From System Configuration > Advanced Configuration you will need to edit the following parameters:

  • reports.export.maxResultsCSV
  • reports.backend.paging.max
  • reports.backend.paging.size


  • After making this change, the management GUI will need to be refreshed for this to take effect
  • The Activity Logs > Advanced Settings configuration will still list the default value of 10,000 as the 'Max Records'. This can be ignored. Any update of the Advanced Settings configuration will cause the reports.export.maxResultsCSV value to be reset to the default of 10,000
  • It is not recommended to set the value of these variables higher than 50,000 as this can lead to performance impacts
  • As this change affects all searches, the values should be reset to 10,000 after exporting the required CSV.