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Content Analysis AV's are unavailable after license is installed


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Content Analysis Software - CA


You have a valid AV license, the license is uploaded manually or downloading online successfully. However, the AV(s) are still displaying unavailable on the Content Analysis (CA) Management Console > System > Licensing


In var/log/clp_services.log:

[Thread0.3683253355830637] WARN  com.bluecoat.clp.downloadutil.httpclient.SslUtil- SVR_CERT_VALIDATION: CertPathValidatorException
[Thread0.3683253355830637] WARN  com.bluecoat.clp.downloadutil.httpclient.SingleHttpClient- SVR_CERT_VALIDATION: SslUtil.validateCertificatePath: exception = 


 [Thread0.3683253355830637] WARN  com.bluecoat.clp.downloadutil.DownloadThread- Executing head request failed with SSLPeerUnverifiedException for service name : SubscriptionService, url : /cylance/engine, DownloadResponse:   URI =, StatusCode = 0, StatusMessage = null, ReasonMessage = null, AmountDownloaded = 0, DownloadDate = 2018-07-08T03:41:25.461+0400, CurrentlyDownloading = false, StartTime = null, EndTime = null, RequestToken = null, ETag = null

localhost.localdomain peer not authenticated


 CAS2-AMF avwatchdog[11061]: Subscription download state 500 : Error peer not authenticated
 CAS2-AMF avservice[11088]: Subscription download state 500 : Error peer not authenticated


The Firewall performs SSL Intercept on CAS.


CAS is accessing internet directly without going through Proxy.


Configure the Firewal to exempt CAS from SSL Intercept.