Software Product Summary contains inconsistencies, including graphs and report
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Software Product Summary contains inconsistencies, including graphs and report


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Inventory Solution


When viewing the Software Product Summary, The numbers in the Software Usage graph are more than what is shown in the Coputers with Software installed report in the lower pane. Also computers show up more than once in the report grid with different Software Usage statuses.


ITMS 8.1


This is a known issue.


Currently the graph will include computers that are in unmanaged states, such as set to retired or other non-active asset statuses.

The report filters out those computers that are not active, thus providing a lower number for the totals. Use the report for this purpose.

The report also may show more than one row for a single computer. This occurs under the following circumstances:

  • Application Metering (usage) data for the last 3 months includes both used and unused for different months.
  • Usage data in the last 3 months includes a missing row when the software was not tracked.

If both criteria are met, there will be 3 rows, or if only 1, then 2 rows.

Development is aware of the issues surrounding this dashboard and will work to resolve it in a future version.

To work around the multi-row issue, you can export the report to excel and delete duplicate rows save for the row that has the latest Last Used date. If it is older or empty, it can be deleted if a used row exists.