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Update Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange (SMSMSE) 7.9.x definitions using Intelligent Updater (IU).


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Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange



Starting with Symantec Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange (SMSMSE) 7.9 the previous 32-bit Intelligent Updater (IU) packages will no longer correctly apply.  SMSMSE 7.9 has been updated to utilize 64-bit definition packages.


To update Symantec Mail Security for Microsoft (SMSMSE) 7.9 definitions utilizing Intelligent Updater (IU) follow the below steps:


  1. Download the 64-bit Intelligent Updater (IU) Package for SMSMSE 7.9.x using either FTP or HTTPS.
  2. Navigate to <InstallDir>\SMSMSE\7.9\Server\definitions\Antivirus
  3. Determine the latest VirusDefs folder name (e.g. VirusDefs00000010)
  4. Create new folder named "Previous sequence number +1"  For above example: VirusDefs00000011.  (Note: This folder name is case sensitive)
  5. Launch command prompt (cmd.exe) as "Administrator" then navigate to location of package downloaded in step #1
  6. Run the following command:  <IU_Package_Name>.exe /Extract "<InstallDir>\SMSMSE\7.9\Server\definitions\Antivirus\New version defs folder(e.g. VirusDefs00000011)"

Example using FTP package and Default Install path (Note: VirusDefs folder will still be variable): 

symcdefscorev5i64.exe /Extract "C:\Program Files\Symantec\SMSMSE\7.9\Server\definitions\AntiVirus\VirusDefs00000001"


        7. Restart service "Symantec Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange"(SMSMSE)



Additional Information

Note: In SMSMSE 7.10 we do not support Intelligent updater (IU). Hence customer to use LUA.