Using the Hidden Ctrl+Alt+Shift+K Menu to Troubleshoot Web Isolation
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Using the Hidden Ctrl+Alt+Shift+K Menu to Troubleshoot Web Isolation


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Web Isolation


You want to use the hidden menu to collect more advanced troubleshooting information / debug more complex isolation issues.


Note that this menu is only available on an isolated session. This is also not meant to be an exhaustive list of all options.

On an isolated session, you can use the Ctrl+Alt+Shift+K command to access a hidden menu:

Enable debug canvas (GRM only): This option will highlight incoming rectangles sent by the isolation server as the page changes to allow you to see GRM working.

Show client monitor: Opens a window containing information about the isolated session. Information that you may find helpful here includes:

  • TabID - This can be searched for in fireglass.log / fireglass_monit.log to find logs that are relevant to this session.
  • Application server - The TIE that is serving the page to us
  • JS version - The version of code running on the gateway
  • Server Latency / Heartbeat RTT - Latency to the gateway
  • BW Test - Test current bandwidth to the gateway
  • Canvas / VRM - Only one of these will be incremented, depending on whether the session is using GRM (canvas) or VRM.


Clear browser cache: Clear the cache on the remote browser


Force isolation server: Switch to, and reload the page using a specific TIE. May be useful if you believe that only one TIE is experiencing an issue, or if testing during an upgrade.