How to write a script on MC to push configuration change on ProxySG
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How to write a script on MC to push configuration change on ProxySG


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Management Center


Management Center (MC) appliance can push configuration changes via Scripts to ProxySG.


This can be very useful for settings that are not persistent ac cross reboots such as the SSL session cache. The default SSL session cache for your platform can be found in this KB TECH247146




The scripts on MC follow the same syntax as the sysinfo file or the archive file. To achieve the above you can write a script below:


  1. Please connect to the WebGUI of the MC (https://x.x.x.x:8082) and navigate to Configuration > Scripts > Add Script.
  2. Give it a name. NOTE that the "Replace substitution variables" is selected. We do not need this option enabled for this script but it is recommended to leave it enabled - you can edit the script to add variables. For example you could tell to only push the script  to ProxySG running certain version of SGOS.
  3. Add the below code to the Editor tab and hit Save. NOTE: You have to enter a short command everytime you create or modify any object on MC.

ssl ;mode
; The above line tells the Proxy to run any commands below this line in the en > conf  t > ssl ;submod.
set-session-cache_size xxxxxx

You can then setup a schedule to run this every day at certain time so if the device is rebooted or crashes the script will increase the SSL cache size.