How to Create a Custom Report to Show What Incidents Have Change Tickets Associated to Them
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How to Create a Custom Report to Show What Incidents Have Change Tickets Associated to Them


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The default reports in Servicedesk do not have any reports to show how Incidents are associated to Changes, and Problems ( or any other potentially related processes).  The steps outlined below show how this is completed. 

Our example will show how to relate Incidents to Changes.  But the procedure can be modified to relate any process to any process



Servicedesk 7.5 and higher




  1. Go to the Reports Tab in the Servicedesk Portal
  2. Choose or Create a relevant Report Category
  3. Click on the Add Report Icon, and choose Add Standard Report 
  4. Name the Report - Incidents to Changes
  5. Click On "Select Data Sources" under Data Sources, choose the Default, and click OK 
  6. Under the Process Manangement section, choose "Add Processes to Report", and click OK 
  7. Under the SAME Process Management section, choose " Prefix Starts With",  Put 'IM' in the box, and click OK .  This connects the Incident tickets.
  8. Under the Process Relationships Section, choose "Add Process Relationships to Report" 
  9. Under the Process Relationships Section again, NOW choose "Has Process Relationship to Process Starting in X".  Put a CM in the text box and click save.  This connects the Change Ticket. 
  10. Now, on the right side of the report editor, choose the columns you would like to see.  Start with the Report Process ID, Process Name, and Process Started.  Then scroll down toward the bottom and choose Child Report Process ID, which displays the associated Change ticket. 
  11. As an additional benefit, to make the primary process reference(s) selectable, in the left column, choose "Include Process Actions" 
  12. Click on Save in the upper right to save the report