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Unable to generate policy XML for item: 'install_flash_player_2900140_ax.exe


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Patch Management Solution for Windows


A policy was created to deliver APSB18-08's update: install_flash_player_2900140_ax.exe, error's are generated every time a client attempts to get the information regarding the policy.

Source: Altiris.NS.AgentManagement.PolicyRequest.BuildPolicyXml 
Description: Unable to generate policy XML for item: 'install_flash_player_2900140_ax.exe for 2018.04.April[3][Production][Critical][APSB18-08]' (33e499c5-54d8-40e2-ac0d-69921553e9d3), resource: 55f48fa3-c0a0-43b6-9e6d-aabe887d2a72 

Module: Altiris.PatchManagementCore.dll 
Source: Altiris.PatchManagementCore.Policies.SoftwareUpdateAdvertisement.GenerateClientConfig 
Description: SoftwareUpdateAdvertisement::BuildClientConfig2() error generating sofwtare update config for GUID: 33e499c5-54d8-40e2-ac0d-69921553e9d3 Name: install_flash_player_2900140_ax.exe for 2018.04.April[3][Production][Critical][APSB18-08] 

Module: Altiris.PatchManagementCore.dll 
Source: Altiris.PatchManagementCore.Policies.PatchManagementVendorPolicy.GetPlatformPolicy 
Description: Failed to detect platform for software update: 5d13deec-ef5a-4c22-a662-bddf8e5f00db


Adobe pulled the update from their catalog of patches. In turn, the metadata about the bulletin and update has been removed from Patch Management Solution.


Patch Management Solution 7.6, 8.x.


Disable and remove the patch policy for APSB18-08 and enable the newest Adobe flash player update.