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Symantec Encryption Build numbers displayed in UEFI Bootguard Screen don't always match


Article ID: 172026


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Drive Encryption Endpoint Encryption


The build number that is listed in the UEFI version of bootguard is sometimes an older build than is listed for the software within Windows.

This affects the Drive Encryption feature for both Symantec Endpoint Encryption and Symantec Encryption Desktop products.


This behavior is expected. The build number that is listed in Bootguard for UEFI machines is the last version of that UEFI Bootguard that was signed by Microsoft. If there are no changes to the code for the UEFI Bootguard, the build number listed will be the build that was last signed by Microsoft.

This affects only machines configured with UEFI style BIOS. Machines configured with Legacy BIOS should always display the same current build number at Bootguard as is displayed while in Windows.