Steps needed before service cancellation when moving away from ESS (Email
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Steps needed before service cancellation when moving away from ESS (Email


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Technical configuration changes and service cancellation may not occur at the same time. If you plan to change your MX record to other server(s) from Email before scheduled cancellation date, you may require a few changes in our service configuration since Email (ESS) has a different mail routing between our customers.


Before making change in MX/SPF/DKIM records:

  1. Update Inbound Routes to new MX record hostname before changing current MX record if you plan to receive all inbound mails in new MX record.
  2. Make sure to keep ESS SPF record until your domain(s) has fully been removed from ESS: ""
  3. If you're DKIM signing emails, ensure the selector remains valid in DNS until your domain(s) has fully been removed from ESS.


When to change MX record:

Once the change in Inbound Route has been propagated, you may change the MX record. It may take up to an hour for the changes to get fully propagated.


After the change:

After TTL of the new MX record expires, you may remove the domain(s) from ESS. Likewise, any old DKIM selectors tied to ESS, as well and the entry in SPF record can now also be removed.

If you keep your domain(s) provisioned, various avenues for email failure can emerge:

  • You may need to keep updating Address Registration until cancellation date, otherwise it may lead to email failure to non registered addresses for domains with Address Registration On.
  • If you haven't updated the inbound routes to match the new MX, will likely cause email failure, as emails from other clients that reside in the same cluster will continue to talk with your inbound routes, which may no longer be accepting email from ESS, as per the configuration left behind

Please note that all reports and logs will be deleted once your domain(s) has been removed from Email (ESS).


To cancel Email service, please refer the following link: Cancel account for Email



Its the customer's responsibility to carry about the various actions described here in relation to the cancellation and respective migration to another service. Any email failure resulting from the steps not having been followed properly, is sole responsibility of the leaving customer.


Thank you for having been customer of ours.