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How to remove 'Z* MBR(*NONE)' on generation of logical files


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2E logical files appear to generate with the 'Z* MBR(*NONE)' parameter.  To ensure it does not generate with this parameter, we manually remove it when adding the source control.  Can this option be removed or disabled within 2E prior to generation?


Release: K1EBAS04400-8.7-2E-400 Toolkit


Within a 2E application, if the application has the text MBR(*NONE) on the *CRTLF message in the *Messages file, then when generating a new logical file, the text 'Z* MBR(*NONE)' is added to the logical file.  If that text is removed from the *CRTLF message and the logical file is regenerated, then the text will not appear in the generated logical file.

Note:  MBR(*NONE) is the logical file member parameter.   It specifies the logical file member to be added when the logical file is created.  

If this parameter is specified, valid values are:

*FILE  - The name of the member to be added is the same as the name specified for the File (FILE) parameter.

*NONE - No member is added when the file is created.

<filename> - Specify the name of the logical file member to be added.