Ghost Solution Suite client is unable to PXE boot from second UEFI NIC Error PXE-E16


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Ghost Solution Suite


While booting a UEFI client with multiple NIC's to PXE an error "pxe-e16 no offer received"  and the client machine won't boot into automation or display the PXE boot menu options.  

"pxe-e16 no offer received"


When PXE booting the DHCP information that is cached in the EFI firmware is only passed to the primary NIC. 


Ghost Solution Sutie (GSS) 3.x 
Client Computers configured for UEFI (not legacy or bios) with multiple UEFI PXE compatable NIC's


The issue is seen when any NIC other than the Primary/first nic is attempted to PXE boot.    A patch for this has been included in GSS 3.3 RU2 relase. 


If this patch is needed for versions of GSS prior to 3.3 RU2 they are attached to this kb. 

The files will need to be extracted and the bstrap.efi from each folder in the proper x86pc and x64 folder. 
C:\Program Files (x86)\Altiris\eXpress\Deployment Server\PXE\Images\BStrap