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Error: Cannot open because some Endpoint services are stopped Endpoint Protection


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Endpoint Protection


Symantec Enpoint protection (SEP) Graphic User Interface (GUI) Crashes after the 14.2 upgrade. When you start the symantec service the error pops up "Symantec Endpoint Protection cannot open because some Symantec services are stopped." Restart the Symantec services, and then open Symantec Endpoint Protection.

Error Screenshot


Laptops with 4G enabled hotspot cards can cause this issue


Newly installed machines that utilize a 4G card (e.g.Verizon)


The issue can be fixed by disabling the 4G card, 

Isolated the issue to the 4G card. If  we disable the 4G card in the device we can install the SEP client without any issues. Then if we enable the 4G card it breaks the SEP client again,  We have to disable the 4G card then reboot the device. Once this has been done then the SEP client will then work again.