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Latest CCS Agent version supported for Windows Server 2012 for Agent based scanning on CCS


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Control Compliance Suite Windows


  • This knowledge article describes the requisites for ensuring a Symantec Control Compliance Suite (CCS) Agent running on Windows Server 2012 (Core, Minimal, R2) is up-to-date after the CCS Application Manager has been upgraded to 12.0 to continue reporting back accurately and for future queries to come back without error.
  • This article applies to any CCS Agent on Windows Server 2012 (Core, Minimal, R2) that will or already reports to CCS 12.0 and isn't yet on the corresponding Agent version 11.5.2.


You wish to have the most current CCS Agent reporting to CCS 12.0 to avoid any reporting errors or query inconsistencies in a Windows Server 2012 (Core, Minimal, R2) environment.



  • The CCS Application Manager was recently upgraded to 12.0
    • Or has been cleanly installed with CCS 12.0
  • The CCS Agent is on an older version below 11.5.2
    • Or does not yet have a CCS Agent installed
  • The CCS Agent is on Windows Server 2012 (Core, Minimal, R2)